Social Media Marketing… Why Bother?

Taylor Lawrence
3 min readJan 27, 2021


20 years ago, many people were convinced the internet and computers were a fad. That they would have their 15 minutes of fame and then fade into obscurity like The Macarena and Beanie Babies.

10 years ago, they said the same about Social Networking websites.

But now, with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube each reporting more than a billion monthly users per site, it doesn’t seem like social media is going anywhere any time soon.

But why should you care?

Why should businesses allocate resources to building and maintaining a social media presence? Why create accounts? Why develop and post content? Why finance ad campaigns?


Social media is where your customers are.

If you’re reading this, chances are you probably also use social media. How many of these scenarios have you or your business encountered?

Have you ever been scrolling on Facebook, seen an ad for a product that looks intriguing, but decided against purchasing because you’ve never heard of the company before?

Have you ever found yourself turned off of a brand because you can’t find anything online about who they are or what they represent?

Have you ever wondered whether your marketing is effective? Questioned whether you’re even reaching the right people with your content?

Have you ever wished you could take all of your best pictures, product reviews, and customer testimonials and put them right in front of a prospective buyer?

Have you ever wanted to give marketing a try but felt daunted by the upfront cost of committing to something that may not even work for you?

If any of these scenarios have ever crossed your mind, social media is probably worth looking into. At the very least, having an identifiable social media presence legitimizes your brand in the eyes of consumers.

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Taylor Lawrence

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